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Our goal at WTF-Websites is making your business look amazing on the Internet at the lowest possible cost. We create full, professional, quality websites that are affordable. Whether you want something for a single product, or a full service website that presents all your incredible wares, WTF-Websites is your answer.

We believe that a great website with full functionality should not be expensive. We have made it our mission to continuously scour the Internet for free or low cost resources and pass them on to you, our customers. Our flagship product “Get Online for Only $569″ :

Features Included:

Full Website

We've always uploaded everything that each client has wanted to display, so aim to include all your content. However, legal makes us put some restrictions in writing to catch that rare unreasonable case which we are told exists somewhere in the wild. So, we definitely include up to 10 A4 pages of text content, 100 images and 2 videos, contact form, Google map. Those with sharp eyes will notice that some of our clients have more than that - and if you are in that boat then we're happy to discuss it. We sincerely aim to be accommodating.  We’ll arrange your content according to your preferences and upload it so your website is ready to go.

Responsive Website

Your website will look absolutely stunning, no matter if it is viewed on a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet.

Domain Name

We’ll get your desired web address (if not already taken, otherwise we’ll get your next preferred alternative) and link it to your new website so your customers can easily find you.

No-Cost Hosting

Some website businesses try and tie you into an ongoing contract to pay up to hundreds of dollars monthly for where the website files are hosted, and offer a measly 30 minutes of edit time which can't be carried over if not used! We host your website files on a secure platform with amazing performance and no annual cost. 

We are transparent and so decouple editing costs. You can find out more about that below under "You Can Edit Pages".

Website in Your Control

When your website is published we give you all files, logins, and passwords. It all belongs to you and you don’t need to worry about having your valuable digital assets being held at the mercy of another party.

Business Email Address

What impression is left when using a gmail or yahoo email address for business? Your website includes a professional email address, e.g., instead of

You Can Edit Pages

If you need to add some text, change photos or even add another page, you can do it. When we hand over ownership to you we spend some time to show you how you can simply make these changes. Of course some of our clients don't want that hassle and ask us to make amendments when needed. The critical point is YOU are free to make changes yourself or choose whomever you want to help you. Transparency and ease-of-mind is important to us.

Key Add-Ons Included

We've seen website businesses advertising one price and then in the fine print adding all these extra charges! A couple of hundred dollars for a Security Certificate. Another few hundred for photos in a carousel or photo gallery(s). More charges for a contact form, video player showcasing your video, or a Google map showing your business location. 

Look, we include all of these in the one price, and are happy to list all of your needs in writing and stick $569 on it. 

Plus More

We haven’t listed everything here – so if you need something special give us a call as we probably can include that too.

See What is Possible

On The House create a space for the New Plymouth community to interact, build relationships, and serve free surplus food to those in need. Inspired by The Free Store in Wellington, they are part of a Free Store Movement growing in New Zealand, and their operations rely on volunteers.

Tweak Management provides services for managing hospitals - with a focus on Asia. They measure productivity by department, create detailed financial models for new projects, and advise on hospital setup - particularly in China.

Pipeflow provides pipeline mechanical pigging and pig train chemical cleaning, hydrostatic testing and chemical cleaning Services for maintenance, pre-commissioning, shutdowns, repairs and decommissioning applications on a variety of pipeline systems.